Introducing Health in Difference

We live in an era of rapid information sharing and increased connectivity. However, this more connected world has not led to improved health outcomes for LGBTIQ+ people. The invisibility of our communities through lack of accurate data collection, an absence of informed policy, and a deficit of understanding of LGBTIQ+ communities continues to have a significant impact. During these times of increased stressors, we also have reduced capacity to build and maintain resilience. Amid this, we continue to fight for change and innovate new futures. The Health in Difference Conference aims to explore this with the theme “Beyond Urgent: LGBTIQ+ Health Rights & Wellbeing”. Held concurrently, our LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference puts specific focus to the needs and rights of older LGBTI people. Our theme for this conference is “Amplify Our Voices”. These Conferences are for all allied health and wellbeing sectors, clinicians, academics, researchers, policy makers and the LGBTIQ+ health and wellbeing sector.  

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