First Nations People Art Installation: Strengthening community relationships with ethical integrity: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Same Sex Attracted (SSA) and Gender Diverse (GD) first nations peoples’ Art Installation


Yaruwala Karuwai Solidarity Mob are initiating a multi-pronged approach within their processes of sharing journeys and understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander SSA and GD peoples’ ways of being, ways of doing, ways of knowing and the values connected to protocols that are a part of a lived existence. This art instalment is a significant process of a national movement of First Nations peoples who are minorities within minorities within minorities undertaking a decolonised approach that is culturally meaningful. A cultural interpretation their own self-determination journey story.


Wilo Muwadda

Wilo Muwadda is a community activist supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander same sex attracted and gender diverse individuals and communities to self determine pathways of equity and justice in Australia. He has over 30 years of community work and volunteer experience with HIV and AIDS within Indigenous communities of Australia and 10 years of international experience with HIV and sexuality through his participation in programs in Papua New Guinea, Aotearoa, Pacific nations and Canada. He currently sits as a board member of the ILGA Oceania and the International Indigenous Working Group for HIV and AIDS (IIWGHA). Wilo works as an individual supporting local, state and national networks to empower their voice at national and international levels.

Dodie Eggmolesse

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