Making Australia better for trans young people: moving forward with the findings from Trans Pathways


Trans Pathways is the largest study ever conducted with trans young people in Australia on their mental health and experiences with accessing health services. Trans Pathways was an online, mixed-methods survey conducted with trans young people aged 14-25 years and parents of trans young people 25 and younger (trans young people n=859, parents/guardians n=194). In this workshop, we will first present the key findings, and provide an interactive workshop with attendees focussed on translating results into policy change better health provision and outcomes for trans young people. Key findings on the mental health of trans young people include 48.1% ever attempting suicide and 74.6% ever receiving a diagnosis of depression. Both parent and trans young person participants of Trans Pathways reflected on their experiences with general practitioners, psychiatric services, therapy and medical transitioning services. Dissatisfaction with many services was high and the qualitative responses provide insight into issues that trans young people in these clinical environments. Some of these include: clinicians lacking knowledge on what gender diversity means, sometimes being directly transphobic, and being unaware of where to refer young people for gender-affirming services. Attendees at this workshop will be invited to brainstorm avenues to advocate within Government, health and mental health sectors to create change through workshopping recommendations and potential next steps. The goal of this workshop is to collaborate to refine recommendations and create goals to improve the health of trans young people growing up in Australia.


Ashleigh Lin |

Dr Ashleigh Lin is a NHMRC Career Development Fellow at the Telethon Kids Institute where she heads the Youth Mental Health Team. Her research is focused on the mental health of young people, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, such as trans young people. She is the senior author of the Trans Pathways Study, the largest study to date of the mental health and care pathways of trans young people in Australia.

Dani Wright Toussaint