The balancing act: navigating peer, public and professional identities

Presentation Type: Workshop
Conference Stream: Practice. Connect. Celebrate.
Presenter: Zoe Birkinshaw
Presentation Title: The balancing act: navigating peer, public and professional identities
Room: Torrens
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 11:00
Duration: 30 mins


Peer and professional support both play important roles in supporting the LGBTI communities. For those navigating the role of ‘the community member’ and ‘the professional’ working in LGBTI spaces, this is often a complex relationship. The interpersonal and community relationships we build both as an individual and as a professional are inevitably interlinked, which can be additionally challenging as we seek to negotiate appropriate boundaries.

The facilitator will draw on their experience as a queer and trans community member, and as someone working in the trans and gender diverse youth mental health space to discuss the possibilities this presents, the role of self- care, and the role of ‘sense of self’. Work happening across Victoria which considers the need for community led support and advocacy, as well as the associated challenges will be presented.

This workshop aims to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their experiences of navigating multiple roles in their communities, as well as sharing the valuable work they are engaged in. Conversations on working on LGBTI inclusion in generalist services, and being visible in this work are also welcomed.

Presentation slides (PDF)