Retaining energy and optimism in the margins

Presentation Type: Keynote presentation
Conference Stream: Practice. Connect. Celebrate
Presenter: Bob Brown
Presentation Title: Retaining energy and optimism in the margins
Room: Ballroom
Program schedule: Thursday 13 August 2015 at 15:00


Bob Brown was first elected to represent Tasmania in the Senate in 1996, having previously been the State Government’s member for Denison from 1983 until 1993.

He is formerly the Leader of the Australian Greens (Federal). Bob was School Captain of Blacktown Boys High School in Sydney and went on to graduate from the University of Sydney with a degree in Medicine. He spent 19 days in Risdon Prison while head of the Wilderness Society for his involvement in the blockade of the dam-works at Tasmania’s Franklin River in 1982/3.

On the day of his release he became the first member of the Greens elected to the Tasmanian State Parliament. He was strongly involved in the foundation of the Australian Greens in 1992.

He is also an author and long-term activist, and lives with his partner Paul in central Tasmania, where he enjoys poetry, bushwalking, philosophy and photography.