Decolonising Transmasculinity – The visibility of Brotherboys

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Intersections
Presenter: Kai Clancy, Dean Gilbert, Rita Gilbert
Presentation Title: Decolonising Transmasculinity – The visibility of Brotherboys.
Room: Swan
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 09:00
Duration: 40 mins


“Brotherboy” is an Aboriginal English word that is broadly similar in meaning to FTM (Female to Male) transgender and transsexual individuals.
We have existed in our Indigenous communities across Australia for a very long time however it is only recently more and more FTM people are looking at supports in relation to their transition into manhood – A physical, psychological and a cultural connection. It is vital to decolonise the transition Brotherboys face in comparison to other FTM in Australia in order to achieve better health outcomes.

It’s essential that LGBTI healthcare providers discuss aboriginality and cater for queer aboriginal identities like Brotherboys and Sistergirls. Brotherboys are often forgotten in the inclusion of Aboriginal queer identities due to visibility. With more and more brotherboys coming out to their families, communities and society, it is time for the LGBTI health sector to provide the adequate healthcare for these individuals.

There are issues that need to be addressed such as access to essential medical supports and the need for government (Medicare) to fund surgery for Brotherboys an essential medical requirement. The workshop will present three case studies by three Brotherboys.

We request that we are given the opportunity to present a workshop where we can stand proud, tell our stories and be visible. The conference will provide a perfect opportunity to progress community education and engagement at a national level. At the same time build Regional and International peer group support and networks.