Building up without bursting bubbles

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Practice. Connect. Celebrate
Presenter: Ricki Menzies, Gai Lemon
Room: Torrens
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 15:00
Duration: 20 mins

When working in a professional capacity, we will encounter LGBTI people who are passionate about doing something for their communities. Most come from a place of altruism, wanting to give back, to mentor and support; others come from a place of naiveté and inexperience, or alternatively ego or neediness, looking for adulation and accolades.

How do we support and build capacity within these volunteers? How do we teach, mentor and provide knowledge and expertise without constantly playing devil’s advocate and bursting their bubble, while still giving a reality check on what is actually achievable?

This interactive presentation will allow for an exchange of knowledge, sharing of experiences and create strategies to support and build capacity within our communities.

• People are driven to engage in working within their community on a volunteer basis to give back, to feel needed, to support, and sometimes from a place of ego.
• For those whose motives are altruistic, how do we support them?
• They are driven and passionate yet we also sometimes need to give them a reality check, so they don’t burn out, without bursting their bubble?
• Case studies; PFLAG, SC rainbow network, Links for u2, Gympie rainbow youth

Presentation slides (PDF)