Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Stream

The diversity of our bodies, genders and relationships means that our communities are constantly finding new ways of working to improve our mental health and wellbeing within services, communities and institutions.

Often we are focussed on the statistics rather than detail. This stream provides an opportunity for us to remember and refocus on the people whose life stories drive our work. These experiences contribute innovation in practice. This, in turn, is strong evidence for transformation, both within our services and communities, and also within the individuals we work with.

This stream provides us with the opportunity to share, explore and celebrate innovation.

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E-Mental health: interactive, engaging, and improving the lives of our community members

This interactive 90 minute workshop will give interested professionals and community members alike the chance to experience E mental health from a number of unique perspectives.
• Learn about the progress that QLife has made over the past two years to grow into Australia’s only national LGBTI early intervention mental health service.
• Hear from QLife volunteers about the personal reward and growth that they experience through supporting our community members.
• Grow as a professional through accessing the unique online training tools available to our sector.
• Experience the support available first hand by using our new webchat technology.

QLives video presentation

Presentation Type: Video Conference Stream: Lunch – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Presentation Title: QLives video presentation Room: Murray Program schedule: Saturday 15 August 2015 at 12:30 Duration: 30 minutes Summary A lunchtime presentation of QLives project videos. This screening also takes place on Friday lunchtime.

Many shades of blue: enhancing mental health service delivery for LGBTI populations

The Many Shades of Blue research project was conducted in the West Moreton-Oxley region of Queensland. This area is located west of Brisbane and includes metropolitan, regional and rural regions. The LGBTI populations are hidden and many seek healthcare and mental health support from professionals without disclosing their identity…

The Safer Space Guidelines: Twenty10’s therapeutic framework for Drop-in space for LGBTIQA young people

The Safer Space Guidelines are the way Twenty10 Inc. GLCS NSW articulates the expectations of all service users, visitors, staff and volunteers who access the service. They are an invitation toward participating in the development of the culture in the space and, to practice learning ways to be responsible for one’s own behaviour – in creating a safer space…

Reconciling Religiosity and Diverse Sexuality in Young People

Young people with diverse sexualities (YPDS) are often distanced from their spiritual needs due to heterosexism and homophobia within faith communities. This directly impacts on their psychological wellbeing and development, sometimes resulting in self harm and even suicide…

Melbourne’s Queer Specific Mental Health Service one year on

This presentation will provide an overview of the research and practice wisdom queerspace has developed in its work with sexuality and gender diverse people over the past year after entering a partnership with the Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local to provide the first ever queer specific psychological service in Australia…