HiD 2015

Health in Difference 2015 conference

Build, Connect, Belong: Creating communities for meaningful connections

Connection and belonging play an important role in supporting our mental health and well-being and in reducing suicide in our community. But for many LGBTIQ people inclusion and acceptance can be hard to find because as LGBTIQ people we often aren’t fortunate enough to be born into our community and rarely does our nuclear family reflect our identity…

Beyond an intersex 101: disorders, bodies and identities

A world-first parliamentary report on intersex health was published in 2013, and in the same year, “intersex status” was added to federal anti-discrimination legislation. As the same time, understanding of intersex health and human rights issues remains low, even within “LGBTI” communities. Nationally, very few people with intersex variations are public about their intersex status, for reasons that include stigma, and legacies of shame and clinical secrecy…

Trans Health and Ageing: A Tasmanian Perspective

Research into transgender individuals’ health and ageing is limited in Australia and internationally. An ageing population and an increase in openly identifying transgender people necessitate an expanded evidence base to inform practice. Without a solid evidence base guiding practice, this population may receive substandard, inappropriate care…

E-Mental health: interactive, engaging, and improving the lives of our community members

This interactive 90 minute workshop will give interested professionals and community members alike the chance to experience E mental health from a number of unique perspectives.
• Learn about the progress that QLife has made over the past two years to grow into Australia’s only national LGBTI early intervention mental health service.
• Hear from QLife volunteers about the personal reward and growth that they experience through supporting our community members.
• Grow as a professional through accessing the unique online training tools available to our sector.
• Experience the support available first hand by using our new webchat technology.

QLives video presentation

Presentation Type: Video Conference Stream: Lunch – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Presentation Title: QLives video presentation Room: Murray Program schedule: Saturday 15 August 2015 at 12:30 Duration: 30 minutes Summary A lunchtime presentation of QLives project videos. This screening also takes place on Friday lunchtime.