Saturday 12.30 start

QLives video presentation

Presentation Type: Video Conference Stream: Lunch – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Presentation Title: QLives video presentation Room: Murray Program schedule: Saturday 15 August 2015 at 12:30 Duration: 30 minutes Summary A lunchtime presentation of QLives project videos. This screening also takes place on Friday lunchtime.

LGBTI Life events time line – Quick drawing

A “Quick Draw” style workshop presentation using a whiteboard and interacting with the audience. A “strengths to goals” themed session can be demonstrated where people’s strengths can be quick drawn on the whiteboard followed by a described goal from this strength…

Let’s talk bisexuality

This is a 10 minute video interview between Mary Rawson and Kathi Wilson (former secretary of Bisexual Alliance Victoria and ongoing member of the Bisexual Alliance). This interview was shot and edited by a former colleague and friend Pippa Morris…