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Sex, Care & the Law – Managing the Ménage à Trois

Brian Herd is an ageing but passionate lawyer and partner with the Brisbane law firm, CRH Law. He practices in Elder Law or law relating to older people and is regarded as one of Australia’s leading lawyers in the area…

Azima ila hayati: An invitation to come into my life

Sekneh Beckett is a Psychologist and a doctoral candidate. She has worked in youth mental health for more than 15 years. Beckett is passionate about the therapeutic work she undertakes with young people of diverse cultures, religions, genders, sexes, and sexualities. She believes her “work is love made visible.”

Retaining energy and optimism in the margins

Bob Brown was first elected to represent Tasmania in the Senate in 1996, having previously been the State Government’s member for Denison from 1983 until 1993…