We’ve got your back – empowering LGBTI elders


This workshop begins with a presentation by a lesbian elder who describes an experience of lesbophobic abuse in an aged care service. She describes the impact the abuse had on her including reliving historical experiences of discrimination and the feelings of isolation, mistrust and anxiety. Next, an aged care advocacy service outlines strategies implemented to ensure the rights of the lesbian elder were upheld. Then, an LGBTI community activist describes how LGBTI community members rallied to connect the Elder to local LGBTI community members to provide support and affirm her sexuality. The workshop the invites participants to review a draft booklet for LGBTI elders on the responding to LGBTIphobia. The development of the booklet has been led by the lesbian elder and draws on her lived experiences.


Catherine Barrett | director@celebrateageing.com

Dr Catherine Barrett is the Director of Alice’s Garage – a National program empowering LGBTI elders and promoting healthy LGBTI ageing. Catherine coordinates the Tango Project – identifying the abuse and discrimination experienced by LGBTI elders in Victoria and working with LGBTI elders to address the issues they encounter