From chaps to change management

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Presenter: Max MacKenzie
Presentation Title: My life as a “Slashie” :- from chaps to change management and all stages in between
Room: Torrens
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 11:30
Duration: 20 mins


To juggle many hats and conflicting priorities as an out member of our community takes work and commitment and a healthy dose of introspection. (Not to mention a good sense of humour). This presentation will target and identify some of the rub areas for “out” and practicing professional people who negotiate numerous spaces in the community space (using humorous anecdotes from my own experience as lead in to discussion of targeted areas like conflict of interest and dual relationships) with an aim to identifying how important a well rounded life is that ranges from your after work cosmo through to your coffee at the board table.

1. common challenges for “slashies”
2. the ability to make a transformative change through use of self
3. self care (particularly at times when our ice bergs or competing priorities intersect and we re- enact scenes from the Titanic)
4. How to exit gracefully as a Logies entrant (when the competing priorities become too much)
5. the motivations behind Slashieville
6. Managing the hard points :- and the pointy end of the rainbow :- the public scrutiny, the backlash and the moments of exhaustion
7. Encyclopedias are us… navigating the endless questions and the urge to produce a t shirt with directions to google.

Presentation slides (PDF)