Conference Theme: Health in Place

Health in Place: Country. Communities. Contexts. Capacity.

Health in Difference 2018 is a meeting place where we gather to connect, collaborate, and learn.

At this conference we will explore the ways that health and place intertwine.

Together we will journey into a deep consideration of Country, community, and the intersectional contexts that shape the lives and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ people. We will acknowledge that our lives and health move through and are shaped by a wide range of ‘places’. We will consider the possibilities for the transformation of place and health through research, policy, design, and community involvement. We are also excited to offer an entire stream dedicated to building our collective capacity through skills workshops led by experts from across Australia.

In 2018 we also celebrate both the 10th Health in Difference conference and the 10th year of the National LGBTI Health Alliance! Both the Health Alliance and Health in Difference have always strived to be places where people’s bodies, relationships, genders, and sexualities can be celebrated in all their diversity, depth, and complexity – and both have grown during a time of great awakening in this country we call Australia.

Please join us for this great celebration and commemoration!