Down the Rascal Hole

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Practice. Connect. Celebrate
Presenter: Jagur McEwan
Presentation Title: Down the Rascal Hole.
Room: Torrens
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 12:00
Duration: 30 mins


What happens if we step away from language like the ‘complex needs client’ and work with an archetype such as the Rascal; the mischievous trouble maker, and see ‘trouble’ as the bother to want to connect. Over the last several years, Twenty10’s collective responses and modes of support have changed to meet this bother and see it as an opportunity to really connect with this young person.This session will explore these responses by discussing the culture of Twenty10; challenge the sometimes crude systems of measuring positive outcomes/goals, by instead honouring small but significant modicums of change that can be hard to capture in the limit of a lineal process. It will also discuss a collectivistic approach, while unpacking the concept of the ‘broken’ person, in looking at the constellations of systems/experiences and naming their affects on what Critical Race/Queer/ Feminist theorist Sara Ahmed refers to as the Unhappy Queer, which ultimately validates their trauma response(s) and opens up possibilities for craftier ways of being.

Presentation slides (PDF)