Program: Friday 14 August


This is the program for Health in Difference 2015, but is subject to change. Please check this page for updates.

Day 2: Friday 14 August

All events take place at the National Convention Centre, on the first floor.

Venue floorplan and other details.

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8am – 9am Registration and arrival, tea and coffee
Ballroom Foyer, first floor
9am – 10.30am Ageing and Aged Care 1 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 1 Intersections 1 Practice. Connect. Celebrate. 1
  Fitzroy Room
Chair: Rob Collins
Murray Room
Chair: Sally Morris
Swan Room
Chair: Dani Wright Toussaint
Torrens Room
Chair: Gina Wilson
9am – 9.25am Nothing about us without us
(Catherine Barrett)
beyondblue’s Journey to Delivering LGBTI work
(Shaun Staunton)
Decolonising transmasculinity: visibility of brotherboys
(Kai Clancy, Dean Gilbert, Rita Gilbert)
Maximising the potential of our federal discrimination protections
(Anna Brown)
9.25am – 9.40am Relationships Australia Queensland’s Rainbow Network
(Chris Pye)
9.40am – 9.50am NZ Silver Rainbow and Australia’s Silver Rainbow projects
(Michal Boyd)
Sexual expression, sexual health and disability: Barriers accessing health services for queer women with disabilities
(Jax Jacki Brown)
9.50am – 10.10am Inclusive practice in a project-based environment
(Alexandra Culloden)
10.10am – 10.20am Silver Rainbow AU & the MOU with NZ
(Sam Edmonds)
10.20am – 10.30am Discussion and question time Discussion and question time Discussion and question time Discussion and question time
10.30am – 11am Morning tea and coffee
Ballroom Foyer, first floor
11am – 12.30pm Ageing and Aged Care 2 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 2 Intersections 2 Practice. Connect. Celebrate. 2
  Fitzroy Room
Chair: Gai Lemon
Murray Room
Chair: Shaun Staunton
Swan Room
Chair: Anna Brown
Torrens Room
Chair: Dani Wright Toussaint
11am – 11.30pm DSS Panel
(Lou O’Neill, Shona McQueen, Emily Grayson)
Mental health in the trans and gender diverse community from the perspective of a transperson
(Brenda Appleton)
Being Maori, Being Takatāpui
(Leonie Pihama)
The balancing act: navigating peer, public and professional identities
(Zoe Birkinshaw)
11.30am – 12pm From chaps to change management, and all stages between
(Max MacKenzie)
‘Asian’ and ‘white’ gay male dating profiles: linguistic expressions of identity, ethnicity and sexual health
(William Marron)
Down the rascal hole: ‘complex needs client’ or the want to connect?
(Jagur McEwan)
12pm – 12.15pm Improving community connections through the Community Visitors Scheme
(Leanne Renfree, Ann Matson)
Our stories, our selves
(Bonnie Hart, Ross Jacobs)
Support needs of newly arrived, refugee or asylum seeking LGBT young people
(Liam Leonard)
Diversity of needs of transgender youth
(Elizabeth Riley)
12.15pm – 12.30pm Community model of care for older LGBT
(Polo Espino)
12.30pm – 2pm Lunch – Outside Ballroom
Film screening: “Gen Silent” (Fitzroy Room)
Video screening: “QLives” (Murray Room)
Film screening and discussion: “Let’s Talk Bisexuality” (Swan Room)
Film screening: “Gayby Baby trailer presentation” (Torrens Room)
LGBTI Life events time line – Quick drawing (Gallery Foyer)
2pm – 3.30pm Ageing and Aged Care 3 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 3 Intersections 3 Practice. Connect. Celebrate. 3
  Fitzroy Room
Chair: Nfanwy Welsh
Murray Room
Chair: Gina Wilson
Swan Room
Chair: Terence Humphreys
Torrens Room
Chair: Gai Lemon
2pm – 2.10pm Rethinking the provision of LGBTI-inclusive aged care services
(Liam Leonard)
Future directions in LGBTI research and policy: Evidence, insights, and opportunities
(Gávi Ansara)
Developing health provider training on working with LGBT people with alcohol and drug issues
(Ruth McNair)
25-years and GLLO-ing: an insight into the history of NSW police gay and lesbian liaison
(Jackie Braw, David Turner)
2.10pm – 2.20pm Smoking cessation programs for LGBTI people
(Israel Berger, Julie Mooney-Somers)
2.20pm – 2.30pm 19 years after the iceberg: re-imagining safety, stigma and loss in a new century
(Ian Davis)
A qualitative analysis of predictive factors for suicide in LGBT populations in Australia
(Delaney Skerret)
Understanding the high prevalence of smoking amongst LBG women in Sydney
(Samar Haidar)
Camp Out: creating alternative spaces to foster self expression, community development and peer learning for LGBTIQA young people
(Claire Pettigrew, Anastasia Zaravinos, Giulia Fragiacomo, Susan Farrar)
2.30pm – 2.40pm Smoking and alcohol interventions for lesbian and bisexual women
(Rhonda Brown)
2.40pm – 2.55pm HIV, gay men and MSM, and ageing
(Lizzi Craig, Alex Nikolovski)
Conversations matter when discussion suicide in LGBTI communities
(Alexandra Culloden)
A multi-modal approach to the effective treatment of methamphetamine use for gay men
(James Dale)
Work, live, play
(Ricki Menzies, Gai Lemon)
2.55pm – 3pm Using cross-organisational responses to address rates of methamphetamine use in LGBT populations
(Sarah Lambert, Andrew Trist)
3pm – 3.10pm Attitudinal change utilising personal narratives to challenge stereotyping of ageing LGBTI HIV positive people
(Max Niggl)
Rainbow Women’s help seeking behaviour: diverse beliefs, intentions and experiences
(Ruth McNair)
Building up without bursting bubbles
(Ricki Menzies, Gai Lemon)
3.10pm – 3.20pm Discussion and question time
3.20pm – 3.30pm Discussion and question time Launch: beyondblue report on Rainbow Women’s help seeking behaviour Discussion and question time
3.30pm – 4pm Afternoon tea
4pm – 5.30pm Ageing and Aged Care 4 Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 4 Intersections 4 Practice. Connect. Celebrate. 4
  Fitzroy Room
Chair: Rob Collins
Murray Room
Chair: Russell Flynn
Swan Room
Chair: Shannon Wright
Torrens Room
Chair: Dani Wright Toussaint
4pm – 4.15pm The mental wellbeing impact of relocation on older LGBT people in NSW
(Johann Kolstee, Elizabeth Burford)
Counting the mental health costs of religious “anti-gay” prejudice
(Babucarr Sowe)
Separated same-sex parents’ experiences and views of government funded family relationship centres
(Luke Gahan)
Progressing legislative reform of change of sex provisions
(Peter Hyndal, Heidi Yates)
4.15pm – 4.20pm Partnerships in HIV testing to raise MSM awareness of HIV testing in regional NSW
(Marie Reilly)
4.20pm – 4.25pm LGBQ adults in Australia caring for older parents
(Deborah Dempsey, Belinda Hewitt)
4.25pm – 4.30pm Spirituality, sexuality and the community: Muslim gay men
(Budi Sudarto)
4.30pm – 4.40pm “I love Claude” Centralising desire and pleasure in health promotion for LGBTIQ Women who play in the kink scene
(Michelle Ring)
4.40pm – 4.45pm Palliative care for LGBTI people
(Heidi Moore)
4.45pm – 4.50pm Innovative sexual health promotion to engage lesbian, bisexual and queer women in a regional festival setting
(Edda Lampis)
4.50pm – 5pm Coming out of two closets: can the dichotomy of queer Christianity exist?
(Riki Owens-Bennett)
5pm – 5.15pm Ageing and end of life care: LGBTI issues for training and research
(Philomena Horsley)
LBQ women’s health in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions
(Di Drew)
5.15pm – 5.20pm Discussion and question time Discussion and question time
5.20pm – 5.30pm Discussion and question time
From 7pm Dinner, plus special guest speakers
Ball Room, first floor