Lighting Fires in Allied Hearts

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Presenter: Chris Pye
Presentation Title: Lighting Fires in Allied Hearts
– The Experience of Relationships Australia Queensland’s Rainbow Network

Room: Murray
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 09:25
Duration: 25 mins


In 2008 Relationships Australia Qld (RAQ) launched its Rainbow Program, with the aim of addressing the alarming rates of suicidality and mental illness in LGBTI populations.

Inspired and informed by ‘Champions’ models around the world, the RAQ Rainbow Rep’ Network aimed to open up access to appropriate support for vulnerable LGBTI individuals across Queensland.

In an organisation where most practitioners do not identify as LGBTI, recruitment and induction of the Rainbow Reps’ was crucial. Informed by the central tenets of LGBTI-Affirmative Practice and twenty years of experience in group facilitation, Rainbow Program Leader, Chris Pye, developed a dynamic training program, which he now delivers throughout RAQ and beyond.

In this lively and interactive presentation, Rainbow Program Leader, Chris Pye, shares his passion for conversation and experiential learning, which help bridge the gulf between LGBTI clients and the allies who are committed to supporting them.

Presentation slides (PDF)