“Islam and queer identity‰” how it is impacting the attitudes of LGBTIQ Muslims in Australia


Islam is a very diverse faith group with some 1.6 billion followers on six continents. In most Muslim countries, homosexuality is illegal and in some countries, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is punishable by death. Despite being young compared to Judaism or Christianity Islam doesn‰’t provide any clear and specific definition of sexual orientation; mostly provided examples of binary gender identities. Therefore it is difficult to define the ‰ÛÏIslamic position‰Û on homosexuality. Islam clearly follows Qur‰an as of the holly book and a strict direction for life and livelihood. It is questionable how many of Muslims understand Qur‰an and its versions. Rather reply upon either religious leaders like Imam or scholars to explain the verses with their individual interpretation. The workshop will highlight the controversy between same sex attraction and religious beliefs effecting physical and mental health of LGBTIQ community Australia. And will utilise case studies and Q & A as tools of interactions to provide the participants‰ a clear understanding on:

  • The urgency of the reconciliation of Islamic religious beliefs and its practice
  • Qur‰anic version of same sex attraction
  • Established specific health service needs for queer Muslims 
  • Established a network for future collaboration 


Mahee Haque | mahee@sydneyqueermuslims.org.au

Mahee Haque an immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh a public health practitioner with years of experience in community development. Being a same sex attracted Muslim man Mahee works tirelessly to support other community members. A founder member of Sydney Queer Muslims he is committed to create enabling environment for Muslim LGBTIQ community. Both Mahee and Siobhan are volunteers from Sydney Queer Muslims (SQM) which is newly formed non-profit organisation for LGBTIQ + Muslims and led by LGBTIQ + Muslims. Other than online portal to support anonymously SQM also conducts social groups, monthly catch-ups, Q&A sessions with Muslim scholars and other leading LGBTIQ + services to share information on anything relevant to the queer Muslim experience. For many of us, knowing that there are others with similar stories provide enough comfort that we are able to progress forward in our journey.

Siobhan Irving