PICK A BOX, Gender Diversity Through the Ages


The smash hit of the 3rd National LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care Conference 2017 was this very special curated plenary session. Born from the goal of hosting an intergenerational dialog between gender diverse people across a spectrum of identities and ages (from teens to age 70+), but with far more camp style and pizazz than a typical conference panel discussion. With a camp set and host styled like a 1960‰’s gameshow (think rainbow glitter curtains & a polyester safari suit) such as the original ‰’Pick a Box‰’ (see the word play there?) this is truly unlike any other conference event! Top it off with a ‰dream-list‰ of inspiring gender diverse rights warriors as your panellists and it is truly unlike anything else you‰’ve ever seen! Each of the panellists have a public profile in transgender and gender diverse activism and are across the spectrum of genders, and generations. Starring: Georgie Stone (in her teens), Nevo Zisin (in their 20‰’s), Starlady (in her 30‰’s), ToniÌ© Field (in their 40‰’s), Andrew Eklund (in his 50‰’s), Julie Peters (in her 60‰’s), and Nance Peck (in her 70‰’s)! Come on down, you’re the next contestants!! The “Pick a Box” game is played to allow the studio audience to hear a range of perspectives across generations and genders from these highly interesting, extremely fabulous individuals! Don‰’t change that channel, PICK A BOX is not to be missed!


Matthew Parsons | m.parsons@latrobe.edu.au

Mx Matthew Parsons is the Research Operations Manager at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University and a Research Officer for GLHV@ARCSHS. Their passion for human rights in sexuality drives their work to improve the access of disadvantaged populations to equity in access to sexual health rights through a range of disciplines. (other bios able to be supplied if successful)

Co Presenters (see handbook for full details!)

Evie MacDonald; Rory Blundell; Starlady; Tonie Field; Andrew Eklund; Julie Peters; toni Paynter; Katherine Cummings; Matthew Parsons