Our stories, our selves

This session replaces “Mental Health Problems in LGBTI People of Refugee Background” by Oleg Kucheryavenko.
Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Presenter: Bonnie Hart, Ross Jacobs
Presentation Title: Our stories, our selves
Room: Murray
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 12:00
Duration: 30 mins


In conversation, Bonnie Hart and Ross Jacobs discuss how the personal narratives of LGBTI lived experience can act as catalysts to people seeking mental health support and help break down loneliness and isolation. Bonnie and Ross will talk in depth about Bonnie’s experience as an intersex person, and what it was like to share her story as part of the QLives project, a series of 15 short films showcasing real people telling their own stories.

Ross Jacobs is the Clinical Director of QLife, Australia’s first specialist nationwide LGBTI mental health provider. QLife Australia operates a phone and web chat counselling service, bringing together the skills of five partner organisations across the country. Prior to the QLife project, Ross was a member of the LBGTI Health Alliance Board as NSW Representative and Senior Counsellor at Twenty10. Ross has been involved in community action and mental health since 1999.

Bonnie Hart is an XY woman and the President of the AIS Support Group Australia. She has many years experience talking with other intersex people about their experiences and issues. Bonnie is an interdisciplinary artists and performer. Her intersex story was first told publicly in the documentary she made with her sister, Orchids; My Intersex Adventure (2010).