Palliative Care for LGBTI People

Presentation Type: Oral
Conference Stream: Ageing and Aged Care
Presenter: Heidi Moore
Presentation Title: Palliative Care for LGBTI People
Room: Fitzroy
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 16:40
Duration: 20 mins


Palliative Care Australia believe in the right to quality palliative care for everyone with a life-limiting condition. We understand that many LGBTI people, particularly those in the later stages of life, share common experiences of exclusion, discrimination and stigma, and that this may create hesitation and uncertainty towards using services such as palliative care.
Compounding this difficulty is the fact that palliative care itself also battles with stigma. It is commonly believed that palliative care is only for people with cancer, provided in a hospice, cannot be used in conjunction with curative treatments such as chemotherapy, is generally only used when people start actively dying, and that a referral to palliative care is “giving up”.

Palliative care can be beneficial to anyone with a life-limiting condition. It provides and coordinates a range of services to people who may still be years away from death, using other treatments, for carer respite, or need help with managing symptoms and/or medications. Palliative care can be provided in hospices, hospitals, aged care facilities and in the home.
PCA is raising community awareness around palliative care, and that the services providing palliative care are aware of the needs of diverse peoples accessing it. It is important that services create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTI people so that they can feel comfortable and safe accessing palliative care. PCA developed a policy position statement on palliative care for LGBTI peoples to reinforce our support in providing quality palliative care for LGBTI people who require it.