LGBTI Life events time line – Quick drawing

Presentation Type: Living Poster
Conference Stream: Lunch/Cross-stream
Presenter: Andrew Hore
Presentation Title: LGBTI Life events time line – Quick drawing
Room: Gallery Foyer
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015
Duration: Lunch


A “Quick Draw” style workshop presentation using a whiteboard and interacting with the audience. A “strengths to goals” themed session can be demonstrated where people’s strengths can be quick drawn on the whiteboard followed by a described goal from this strength. This is a session example that has positive impact with groups at the Canberra Hospital adult mental health unit (AMHU) Alexander Maconachie Centre, disability sector and many other mental health and community organisations. This is a high energy presentation with humour and showing how this with strong visuals can communicate a message to an audience effectively so it can be remembered. + A high energy demonstration workshop using strong visuals through “quick draw” (speed drawing), group engagement and humour to deliver positive and goal focused themes. This demonstration will borrow examples facilitated by Funnyworks Oz in Canberra Hospital AMHU, Alexander Maconochie Centre and the disability sector, showing how visuals mixed with group interaction and humour have so much more impact on a group than just words alone. A very interactive presentation and a lot of fun!

This is the first of two Quick Draw sessions. The second is scheduled for Saturday lunchtime.