This is what bisexuals look like


What do bisexual people look like? How can you tell if someone is bisexual? What does bisexual even mean, and is it a transphobic term? The answers to these questions will be covered in this presentation and in summary are: A) Everyone else B) You listen to what they tell you about how they identify C) Attraction to more than one gender and no Using the bisexual+ community‰’s accepted definition of multi-gender attraction, this presentation will discuss the bisexual umbrella and the multitude of identities that people use, and will discuss how people will discuss their identities and the questions you can ask to ensure that you are inclusive of people who identify as bisexual+. The presentation will also cover the work that Bisexual Alliance Victoria undertakes, including our monthly peer-support discussion group, and how we‰’ve built a safe space for bisexual people to find and build community. Bisexual+ people are everywhere. The slide show accompanying this presentation will include photos and short bios of people who identify as bisexual to demonstrate the breadth of this community, including cisgender, transgender and non-binary people.


Rebecca Dominguez |

Rebecca Dominguez is one of the founding members of Bisexual Alliance Victoria and the current President. She is one of the co-facilitators of a monthly peer support discussion group for bisexual people in Melbourne. Rebecca has also represented the bisexual community in various Victorian Government boards.