Developing LGBTIQ inclusive practice guidelines for the Australian housing and homelessness sectors


This workshop will be divided into 2 sections. The first section will provide a brief overview of findings from the LGBTIQ homelessness project in relation to services access and barriers. We will draw on the data from our semi-structured interviews with homelessness service providers and LGBTIQ clients, and our TGD model of care pilot. We will highlight what clients and service providers believe constitutes best practice, and some of the challenges encountered in introducing and implementing best practice in mainstream services. The second section will facilitate an open discussion around best practice in supporting LGBTIQ people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and actively invite feedback from workshop participants on the draft national guidelines currently underway. Participants will be asked to join one of several groups based on a specific area of interest. Each group will be provided with a particular aspect of the draft guidelines and key questions to discuss. Each group will then be asked to share their responses, and notes will be taken by presenters. While workshop participants will benefit from learning more about the guidelines and research on homelessness in the LGBTIQ community, this input from participants will also be immensely helpful to the steering group in developing the most appropriate guidelines.


Ruth McNair |

Ruth McNair is an honorary Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne and GP in Melbourne specialising in LGBT health. She is the lead researcher on the LGBTIQ homelessness project. 

Cal Andrews

Cal Andrews is a Research Fellow at the Department of General Practice (Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne) and LGBTIQ Senior Researcher at Drummond Street Services.