National LGBTI Aged Care Action Plan – the Final Step


On the 6 December 2017 Minister Wyatt launched the Aged Care Diversity Framework. Sitting under this Framework will be three Action Plans – one of these will be for LGBTI inclusive aged care. In August 2017 the Alliance began consultations with LGBTI older people living across Australia including metropolitan, regional and remote areas. This was supported by an online survey. The information gathered from these consultations and online submissions was distilled into actions and goals under the 5 key consumer outcomes identified in the Diversity Framework, as well as additional actions that were specific to each of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex older people as well as a focus on Aboriginal and CALD LGBTI elders and older people. The solutions recommended by LGBTI older people were often quite simple but innovative and easy to implement for aged care providers. This workshop will follow the journey from an idea that we advocated to the Government through to the development of the LGBTI Aged Care Action Plan. It will discuss the challenges that had to be overcome, the rewards of engaging directly with LGBTI older people (especially where we had a blank document and could say ‰you help us create what will work for you‰) and the work that goes into creating a national document on behalf of the Government. This workshop will be a final opportunity for anyone dedicated to LGBTI inclusive aged care to comment on the draft LGBTI Aged Care Action Plan


Samantha Edmonds |

Samantha Edmonds is the Silver Rainbow, National Project Manager at the National LGBTI Health Alliance. Sam is a member of a number of national advisory groups in Ageing and Aged Care both Government and Non-government and was recently appointed to the Aged Care Sector Committee (ACSC), a Ministerial Advisory Group.