LGBTI Community Visitors


This presentation will discuss the role of LGBTI specialist Community Visitors Schemes (CVS) in improving the overall physical and mental health of LGBTI seniors. The aim of the presentation is to address the impact that going into aged care can have on an individual‰Ûªs connection to the LGBTI community, as discussed by LGBTI seniors, volunteer visitors and CVS coordinators. The presentation will include:

  • An introduction to LGBTI Community Visiting Schemes delivered by one of four nation-wide CVS coordinators. This will outline the role of LGBTI senior specialist schemes and how they improve the overall physical and mental health of LGBTI seniors.
  • ‰A five minute video of a CVS visitor recipient showing how going into care disconnects you from the LGBTI community and how two hours of social support from a community member can make all the difference to feeling once again connected to community. 
  • A panel featuring four LGBTI Community Visiting Scheme visitors and recipients. The panel will talk to what is like to be an LGBTI senior in care, how this can impact on physical and mental health, the role of social connections and the experience of volunteer visitors


Shane Campbell |

Shane Campbell has worked in the community sector since 1987 in various roles in disability services, mental health and homeless services from his 9 years working in the homeless sector he has a passion for LGBTI seniors who were becoming homeless due to discrimination in social housing or homelessness due to complex health issues. Having worked at ACON since July 2016. As the Home Based Care Coordinator overseeing ACON‰ÛªS CVS. Shane has promoted and worked to educate the aging sector and bolster inclusive practise services and social support for our LGBTI seniors in care or those living at home. Other presenters Bio to be submitted ASAP


Ann Matson (QuAC), Ada Castle (Switchboard) and Henny Podgorska (Umbrella).


Shane Campbell (ACON), Ann Matson (QuAC), Ada Castle (Switchboard) and Henny Podgorska (Umbrella).