Behind the Smokescreen: Understanding the high prevalence of smoking among LBQ Women in Sydney

Presentation Type: Snapshot
Conference Stream: Intersections
Presenter: Samar Haidar
Presentation Title: Behind the Smokescreen: Understanding the high prevalence of smoking among LBQ Women in Sydney
Room: Swan
Program schedule: Friday 14 August 2015 at 14:20
Duration: 10 mins


LBQ women continue to smoke at twice the rate of women in the general population. Recent data from the Sydney Women and Sexual Health (SWASH) survey indicates that these sustained high rates of smoking have not changed between 2006 and 2014 (Mooney-Somers et al. 2014). Little research is available to explain why mainstream tobacco reduction messaging has failed to engage LBQ women or to describe their attitudes and motivations towards smoking. Recently, ACON was successful in receiving an ‘Evidence to Practice’ grant from the NSW Cancer Institute to develop and implement a smoking cessation intervention for LBQ women.

Utilising a mixed methods approach, ACON will develop a social marketing campaign to raise awareness of LBQ women’s high smoking -prevalence and promote smoking reduction for LBQ women.

The project will be informed by a systematic literature review on targeted interventions for LGBTI smokers, survey questionnaires, focus groups and a supplementary literature review exploring LBQ women’s attitudes and motivations to smoking.

Adopting a co-design approach, ACON will engage LBQ smokers and recent ex-smokers to develop salient campaign messaging to be used in the development of a social marketing campaign. This method will ensure the lived experience of LBQ women who smoke/have smoked is reflected in campaign execution.

This presentation will address the following:
• The evidence on LBQ women and tobacco use
• Background to development of the project
• Strategies ACON expects to use to raise awareness of smoking as an issue for LBQ women
• Possible motivations and innovative ways to address LBQ women around smoking.