A human rights perspective: The impacts of pathologisation on trans and gender diverse communities


Trans and gender diverse people in Australia still do not have autonomy over our own bodies or healthcare in both a legal and medical context. This workshop will explore the historic and on-going pathologisation of trans and gender diverse people in Australia from a human rights perspective. How do our laws govern the bodies of trans and gender diverse youth? How does the pathologisation of trans and gender diverse people create barriers in accessing equitable healthcare? What are the systemic barriers in advocacy, authentic community consultation, codesign and peer models of healthcare delivery for the trans and gender diverse community? Only by centering and empowering trans and gender diverse people to make autonomous decisions about our bodies and healthcare will we significantly improve the health and well being of our community.


Starlady | starlady@cohealth.org.au

Starlady is a Queer Transfeminine activist at the Zoe Belle Gender Collective Youth Project (auspiced by Cohealth). She travels across metropolitan and regional Victoria delivering trans and gender diverse youth inclusive practice training from a human rights based framework. 

Mill O’Sullivan | Minus18

Mill O’Sullivan is a Queer and Non-Binary activist and The Head of Workshops and content development at Minus18. At 25 years old, Mill has developed and implemented workshops and professional developments on sexuality and gender, that place young people at the forefront of change and educate the masses on LGBTI experiences and issues.