Conference streams 2015

National Convention Centre

The Health in Difference 2015 conference will have four streams:

Stream 1: Ageing and Aged Care

We’ve put the years back into life, so now it’s time to put the life back into the years.

LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care is currently receiving international attention and the innovations being developed and deployed in Australia are widely seen as world class.

Ageing is about more than care and end of life planning, it is also about living. Health In Difference 2015 will be an opportunity to share recent learning, identify and share examples of good practice, and to discuss innovative ideas that are at the forefront of our work across Australia.

Topics that could be explored through sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • Sex positivity.
  • Inclusive/exclusive social spaces.
  • Inclusive/exclusive online spaces.
  • Shifting our thinking from housing to homing.

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Stream 2: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

The diversity of our bodies, genders and relationships means that our communities are constantly finding new ways of working to improve our mental health and wellbeing within services, communities and institutions.

Often we are focussed on the statistics rather than detail. This stream provides an opportunity for us to remember and refocus on the people whose life stories drive our work. These experiences contribute innovation in practice. This, in turn, is strong evidence for transformation, both within our services and communities, and also within the individuals we work with.

This stream provides us with the opportunity to share, explore and celebrate innovation.

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Stream 3: Intersections

As members of our respective communities we are more than two dimensional beings. We have many intersections across sexuality, gender, bodies, relationships, Indigeneity, disability, religion, language and culture, just to name a few.

This stream invites presentations, workshops and activities that explore how these intersections affect our lives, particularly our mental and physical health. It offers a space to share knowledge and practice-based evidence that will help educate and inform in order to improve our services, our communities and ourselves. It also provides us with the opportunity to reveal more about the lived experiences of our communities than the common population-wide studies that make invisible so many aspects of our lives.

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Stream 4: Practice. Connect. Celebrate.

Working within the communities, organisations and roles that we do requires balance in many areas that cannot often be taught from textbooks. Life and practice-based learnings let us innovate and teach us how to do our jobs well. As experience grows over time, so do the skills and tools that allow each of us to continue to do the work that we do.

This stream encourages the sharing of those skills and tools. It aims to bring a focus to areas where we use what we know to innovate with our clients and communities; where we practice activism through support; where we practice and focus on self-care and sustainability of self while serving the communities in which we live; and on ways to find inspiration in the everyday.

This stream is about peer-based learning, support, and celebrating the achievements of our everyday work.

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The call for abstracts was published on 2 February 2015. Abstract submissions close on 30 March 2015.

Early bird ticket sales will commence in late March 2015.