We are still still standing


We are still standing: Working It Out is a gender, sexuality, and bodily status support and education service established 19 years ago within a strong community cultural context, and this defines our way of working. We are still standing after all this time, despite a growing push back and neo-conservative environment. We have been in existence for, and grew out of a research piece called Working It Out. In a space of both expansion and collapse of community organisations our model is unique. We are the first LGBTI organisation seek Rainbow Tick accreditation We work both systemically and with individuals, and community members. Our team is also part of the LGBTIQA (allies community) which in a small state like Tassie presents complex ethical dimensions. This presentation will talk about our work, the limitations and most importantly speak to our cultural ethos and mapping, our ethical stance and the tensions of working in the geo-political contexts we do. The workshop also invites exchanges and discussions on the issues raised, and others experiences.


Susan Ditter | exec@workingitout.org.au

Susan is Executive Officer of Working It Out, Tasmania‰Ûªs gender, sexuality and intersex status support and education service and she sits on a number of Tasmanian Government Strategic Working Groups. Susan has also been the Tasmanian Director of the National LGBTI Health Alliance since 2010, Deputy Chair in 2011 and Chair of the Board from 2012 to 2016.Susan is a Board member of GALFA ‰ÛÒ the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia. Susan has lived in Queensland, the Northern Territory and South Australia and has worked in Education, Youth Arts and Community Development. Susan‰Ûªs pronouns are she, her, hers.


Key representatives of Working It Out team