Supporting LGBTIQ People Living with Cognitive Disability in Sexual Health and Education


Family Planning Victoria (FPV) aims to raise awareness of the importance of sexual and reproductive health information for LGBTIQ people living with cognitive disability, their families and support providers. While there is limited research across the LGBTIQ and disability sectors, a current sociological study suggests that LGBTIQ people living with disability may be at higher risk for compromised sexual health due to a lack of appropriate sex and relationships education and may often feel ‘invisible‰’ if sexual health education programs are not inclusive. This study also highlights the experiences of LGBTIQ people living with cognitive disability who often find themselves distanced, isolated and marginalized from both their cis-gendered, heterosexual peers with disability and those who are able-bodied that identify with the LGBTIQ community. FPV assures that providing accurate relationships and sexuality information in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate enhances opportunities for LGBTIQ people living with cognitive disability to develop and express their diverse sexuality or gender identity, resulting in positive sexual health and relationship outcomes. FPV will facilitate a workshop that aims to demonstrate the integrated approach and resources used to work therapeutically with LGBTIQ people living with cognitive disability to meet their sexual health and wellbeing needs.


Tania Wellby |

Tania Wellby Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work Tania‰’s key role in the Community Services Team at Family Planning Victoria is to work therapeutically with individuals with cognitive disability and LGBTIQ young people to meet their sexual health and wellbeing. Tania‰’s works one-to-one with individuals with cognitive disability who display sexualised behaviours of concern driven by a lack of knowledge around respectful relationships and sexual health. She also coordinates and facilitates a social support group for LGBTIQ young people to access sexual health information and support and to build more positive connections to the LGBTIQ community. Tania is a passionate advocate for all individuals of diverse sexes, sexualities and genders to attain their sexual health and happiness regardless of age, cultural background, disability or social status