Acknowledging and Celebrating LGBTI Elders – a partnership approach


This presentation will showcase the impact of a partnership approach in the planning and development of major events in Melbourne acknowledging and celebrating LGBTI elders throughout October 2017. These events, the 3rd National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference and the inaugural Coming Back Out Ball drew national and international attention to the experiences and needs of Australian LGBTI elders, and importantly the need for LGBTI inclusive services, care and social opportunities for LGBTI elders. The Coming Back Out Ball worked together with LGBTI organisations, including Val‰’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, and LGBTI elders throughout Australia to facilitate a celebratory gala that opened Victorian Seniors Festival 2017. The Ball culminated a week of events -the Conference, Coming Back Out ‰- LGBTI+ Elders panel discussion at the Wheeler Centre, and the monthly LGBTI Elders Dance Club. The presentation will explore the outcomes of the week on LGBTI elders, the community and health, ageing and care services providers.


Tristan Meecham |

Tristan Meecham is an artist, performer and the Artistic Director of All The Queens Men. In October 2017 All the Queens Men hosted the inaugural Coming Back Out Ball – a spectacular gala evening celebrating LGBTI elders. All the Queens Men also hosts the monthly LGBTI Elders Dance Club, a social opportunity for LGBTI elders.

Pauline Crameri

Pauline Crameri is the Co-ordinator of Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, a Victorian state-wide program working to improve healthy ageing pathways, care and visibility of older LGBTI people. In October 2017, Val’s hosted the 3rd National Ageing and Aged Care Conference.