Virtual Spaces

To recreate as many of the opportunities from an in-person conference as possible and to allow the freedom for participants to network, move between options and to curate their own personal experiences, we’re creating a schedule with a range of virtual spaces to listen, share, learn and network within.

A cafe with seating and plants, with open roof to sky (Actual exhibition space is online)


Grab a coffee and a snack – The Café is now open.

The Café provides an option for virtual speed-networking during break time.

Talk with 10 conference delegates for 10 minutes. Delegates joining the Café will be randomly allocated to virtual meeting rooms with up to 10 participants for 10 minutes.

Drop in or out of the Café, move between conference options and curate your own personal experience.

The Café is a safe space

Our virtual Café provides a safe space for networking and to discuss the content raised during the conference. We ask all participants to be respectful of others’ opinions and thoughts during these sessions and allow time to listen.

Please respect privacy: those spaces are informal, and we ask people not to quote, post or tweet other peoples’ comments during those breakout sessions.

If you’d like to continue a conversation with someone you’ve met – the ‘Networking Lawn’ provides a space to connect 1:1 with delegates.

If you have issues or concerns, please message a team member at the LGBTIQ+ Health Australia exhibition booth.

Conversation prompts:

  1. Introduce yourselves, and what organisation you are from, acknowledge the Traditional Country you are from.
  2. What were your highlights from the previous panel?
  3. How does this topic impact your work?
  4. Are there any actions you’d like to take following up from this discussion?
  5. Were there any thoughts or perspectives which were new for you?
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to have heard the panel discuss?

A large garden with open lawns (Actual exhibition space is online)


We’ll provide online meeting rooms to meet and network throughout the conference. Why take breaks alone and miss out on vital networking opportunities? If you’d like to continue a conversation with someone you’ve met – the ‘Networking Lawn’ provides a space to connect 1:1 with delegates.


A white gallery space (Actual exhibition space is online)


Browse the booths and meet with people from health or aged care organisations from across Australia. Being virtual you can staff a booth without even being stuck in a booth.

Download HiD & Ageing 21_Exhibition Manual

A Library with lots of books (Actual exhibition space is online)


The latest research, abstracts, multimedia and talks will be hosted here in this virtual online space.

A large empty theatre (Actual exhibition space is online)


Our expert panels will be discussing the latest research, policy and campaign work across Australia.


A person standing at a front desk (Actual exhibition space is online)


Need to speak with a human? We’ll have someone available throughout the conference to provide support, troubleshoot and answer all your questions.