Gender & Sexuality – supporting parents, carers and families


This presentation is an introduction to my training package for professionals working with parents/carers and families (PC&F) of LGBTIQ+ people. This presentation will explore the complexities, benefits and joys of working in this area. We will explore the wants and needs of families and how we can hear their worries and concerns, whilst continuing to advocate for LGBTIQ+ people. In addition, the presentation will offer strategies and tips for best practice.


  • A brief outline of various experiences working with PC&F
  • Acknowledgement of the challenges balancing this work, while advocating for LGBTIQ+ people.
  • Developing and maintaining trusting relationships with PC&F by ensuring they feel heard and supported, whilst being able to challenge thoughts and beliefs when required.
  • An overview of common themes – identify one – for an engaging, interactive exploration of best practice responses.
  • A case study with questions attached to provide a supported exploration and reflection on how to effectively address the situation with best outcomes for the LGBTIQ+ family member at the forefront.
  • The provision and exploration of potential narrative and/or art therapy tools may be included, depending on allocated time

(Acknowledgement – It is not always possible, or in the best interest of an individual to work with their family. This should only occur IF the individual requests or agrees to the support, or if the family have made contact independently and your responsibility is not to the individual in their family e.g. youth worker currently supporting the young person)”


Tracey Whitmore (

‘I am a social worker and wellbeing coach working in the LGBTIQ+ sector, with 10 years experience. My aim is to build capacity of families and other professionals to ensure young people have the best opportunities for a safe, healthy and celebrated existence in the world.’